Monday, September 20, 2010

What a Crazy and Wonderful Day!

Mondays are usually days that bring a bit of rest since the weekends are such busy times with farmers markets and shows. This past weekend was the PA Energy Fest, one of my all time favorite shows! This was the sixth year for this festival in gorgeous Kempton, just north of Kutztown and we have been selling soap there since the very first one! One would think this fest would be on the small side but one would be wrong! People flock to this event from all over the country and attendance is probably around 20,000! This fest is educational and just plain fun! While there, I spoke to a gal about our felted soap. She asked what kind of sheep the roving came from and I told her Karakul. She then told me she raises Karakul and was looking for a new ram! About an hour later, here comes Candie, the gal I bought the roving from so I introduced them. I am now known as the sheep pimp! If my mom were still alive, she would not be impressed. My grandmom, however, would LOVE it! I take after my grandmother! LOL Great fest, wonderful people!

Now it's Monday morning and there is no rest for the weary, not to mention tired feet. I am taking my husband to the hospital for a procedure and we are walking out the back door at 8 and there is a young good looking man in my backyard. I say hello and he introduces himself as Jeremy Hess, the photographer Kimberton Whole Foods has hired to take pictures of us all! Holy crap! Superwoman here has this on the calendar for next Monday! I have yet to figure out how to be in two places at once! Briana from KWF arrives and we decide I will take Larry to the hospital and be with him until they take him to cat scan and then I will return to take some pictures milking and hanging out with my goats. So, I leave them with my goats and with boxes of product to photograph. If you have met my goats, you know they think EVERYONE is here to see them!

I returned about 10:30 for pictures milking Rachael and Morella and it was fun! Thank you, Jeremy! I really enjoyed it! Winnie, the potbelly pig, fell in love with Jeremy and insisted she get her picture taken! The sheep had their noses out of joint as they couldn't imagine why anyone would want to take a goat's picture! Beau, the horse, tried to get in the background of every picture!

And here is the best news!! You can now buy our products at Kimberton Whole Foods!! I am so fond of all my friends there, Briana, Julia and Kirsten!

What a great day. Maybe I am a little like Superwoman.......... And Larry came through his procedure fine. I was back to the hospital before he came back to his room.