Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sometimes, it is not meant to be.....

In my previous post about my Bare Naked Ladies, there is a picture of our three black Finnsheep ewes and one little fawn boy, Brown. He was rejected at birth by his mom and came in the house to be bottle fed. Oh, it was hard work, almost like having a baby! He and another bottle lamb lived in a large dog crate and seemed to be quite content to have meals whenever they wanted and clean sheets! While it was a lot of work, it was also great fun to have these little creatures indoors with us. The larger bottle lamb went on to his new home at 8 weeks, stronger and much larger than Brown.
When the time came to return Brown to the great outdoors and the three ewes, I worried so much about this little boy but he did just fine. While his mom didn't remember him, he made friends with the three ewes and got along just fine. He was the first one out to greet me at feeding time always 'talked' to me in his tiny baaa anytime I went past. What a little character!

Well, yesterday was very hot and when we went out to do the evening feeding, Brown had passed away. Both of us were very saddened by his loss as there were no symptoms he was ill. Sometimes, when we humans attempt to fool Mother Nature, it can backfire. Our little fragile Brown was here for almost 4 months and in that time, he made many friends, human and four legged.

We were so glad for that four months and will miss our little brown man for a long time to come.